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Ecological safe storage: The salt battery

Storing energy with table salt! Dreams of the future? Far from it. This technology, which has been tried and tested for several decades, has long been available and deliverable! The Swiss company innovenergy® has been supplying households, commercial enterprises and industry with its salt battery storage systems for many years. They are THE experts in this field. The advantages: Salt batteries are ecological, sustainable, safe and extremely durable.

An invention that changed the course of time

It is no longer possible to imagine life without it. Almost no device works without it. Whether in a cordless screwdriver, to start a vehicle, in a mobile phone, in a torch or as an energy store for solar cells, the battery has become a part of our lives. And it is becoming more and more important at a time when energy consumption is constantly rising and new sources of energy have to be found. But let's look back at the beginnings: who were the heroes of today's progress back then?

Equipped for the energy change: PV + salidomo + EV

The personal contribution to the energy transition is an inner need for Daniel S. in the Seeland region. The house is built. Ecological, of course. The e-car is ordered. Now all that's left is to generate his own electricity. He spent a long time researching and planning everything himself. In the process, he came across the salidomo® from innovenergy® and was immediately enthusiastic. When his concept was ready, he invited various installers to submit offers. The winner was the expertise of Mr. Micha Berger, currently project manager at XEEO.

Africa is ahead: first DConnect project in Cameroon

Constant power cuts were causing problems for the Gacha Foundation in western Cameroon. With the new DConnect® solution from innovenergy® and the Antenna Foundation, there is finally continuous electricity – and it is fully ecological! In Africa, of all places, an emerging continent full of opportunities, this state-of-the-art technology is being implemented for the first time as a pilot project.

AMPT and innovenergy expand their partnership in Europe

80 innovenergy® DConnect® projects for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be equipped with AMPT string optimisers. 

New production site in Münsingen

It was getting cramped, far too cramped in the innovenergy® production facilities in Meiringen. The demand for the salidomo® salt battery storage system increased to such an extent that an expansion became unavoidable. innovenergy® ventured the next step and further expanded its production capacities.

Why salt batteries are so safe

Fire reports involving lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly frequent. Manufacturers are withdrawing products or discontinuing some areas of battery production. Understandably, the demand for alternative battery technologies is increasing.

Team expansion in support

Everything is changing, including innovenergy® support. New faces grace this department, which we would like to briefly introduce here.

salipro – the big brother is ready for series production

The first systems have been delivered. And they are running perfectly. Now the salipro® commercial storage tank is going into series production. 

Commercial storage is becoming more important

Security of supply is one of the most important issues facing businesses today. One essential question is: How secure are our electricity grids? And the next challenge is: How much more expensive will electricity become in the next few years? Where is the limit when even the litre of fuel has now risen to two euros and more. The search for continuity and calculability occupies many management floors.

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