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Photovoltaic and storage potential

How much photovoltaic potential do my roof surfaces hold? Which resulting salt storage makes sense? Do you want to know quickly what is possible with your Swiss house? Then briefly enter your address below and we will immediately show you online your potential, which salt battery storage system would be suitable for you and who can help you in word and deed. 

If you already own a solar system, you can find out which salt storage system is currently suitable for you and see whether you could produce more electricity overall.

Data for the potential calculation

Please note that we can only process data/addresses from Switzerland.

Local sales partner

You can obtain a detailed solar potential or storage calculation as well as detailed self-consumption optimisation with our potential calculator - adapted to your individual needs and actual consumption situations – from our sales partners, who will be happy to advise you competently and send you a meaningful offer.

Info-Webinar "Store with salt!"

Learn all about salt battery storage systems in a live webinar.
Here we are also available to answer your direct questions.


Lots of installed salt battery storage systems.
Check out what it looks like in your community and others.
And read interesting reference reports.

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