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Max Ursin

CTO | Management & Founder

Max Ursin runs Innovenergy GmbH together with Peter Ruth. Max Ursin's passion is energy. He has been working in the energy industry for 25 years, first as a civil engineer for smaller hydropower plants in Switzerland and Nepal, then for coarser hydropower plants at Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG. He has been self-employed since 2013. He now applies his energy management and technical knowledge in the area of reservoirs to the area of "storage puddles". His education: Dipl. Bau-Ing. EPF Lausanne, Energy Systems EPF Lausanne and EMBA in Management of Technology, EPF Lausanne.

T +41 33 552 10 11

Peter Ruth

CEO | Strategy

Peter Ruth runs the business of Innovenergy together with Max Ursin. Peter Ruth has over 15 years of management experience as CEO of listed and family-run companies. Prior to that, he was profit centre manager in industry and trade and head of manufacturing/assembly and project manager in plant/mechanical engineering. His expertise is in the field of packaging and packaging machines, digital printing and printing machines, assembly automation and non-destructive testing/X-Ray.

T +41 33 552 10 12

Santena von Neufert

CMO | Marketing

Int. MBA (FH Vienna), Certificated Online Marketing Manager (FH Allensbach), Innovation Manager (MMA Munich).
Santena von Neufert is responsible for marketing at innovenergy. With almost 40 years of professional experience, including in her own companies in the field of marketing and design, she is responsible for the entire market presence, brand development and product launch in German-speaking countries. 

T +41 33 552 10 18

Rüdiger Junghans

Sales Management | Business Development

Rüdiger Junghans has many years of experience in the conception and management of technically demanding projects as well as in the development and establishment of sales concepts in various industries. With his experience in building automation and energy management in residential and commercial buildings, he supports our partners and advises planners, developers and property developers when it comes to using our innovative energy storage solutions.

T +41 33 552 10 13

Beat Peter

Development & Support

NDS computer scientist (FH Zurich), qualified electrical engineer, electrician.
Beat Peter has many years of professional experience as an electrician, in electronics and electrical engineering. His broad knowledge is complemented with the subject of computer science. Electrical and software engineering are his hobbies. Due to his worldwide commissioning experience, he is also well versed in the international arena. At innovenergy, he is responsible for technical development and technical support. So if you have any technical questions, he is your perfect contact:

T +41 33 552 10 17

Silvano Mani

Development & Support

As an automation technician and electrical engineer, Silvano Mani works in the Development & Support department. He has learned his skills at the Zentralbahn in Meiringen and at the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH in Burgdorf. He brings along experience in the education and training of young people. At Innovenergy he is affectionately called "our world champion". This honor is bestowed on him because he took first place in the Swiss Professional Championships in 2014 and won the silver medal in São Paulo, Brazil, on global stage a year later.

T +41 33 552 10 38

Ivo Graber

Software development

Dipl.-Ing. ETH. He started programming at the age of 12 already and has never been far away from a computer since then. He studied at the "Institut de Microtechnique" of the ETH Lausanne and learned how to control machines and robots. He has been working in applied computer science for over 20 years. Ivo Graber writes all the control software for innovenergy - for small memories up to large systems, as realised in Brazil. He speaks fluent German, English, French and Italian.

T +41 33 552 10 14

Bernadette Weber

Administration & Accounting

She is the rock in the surf! With over 20 years of professional experience in accounting - first working in France, then in Germany and now in Switzerland - she organises the blue sky in the background, is responsible for administration as well as accounting and is always on hand to help wherever she can. 

T +41 33 552 10 16

Markus Frey

Assembly & Warehousing

Markus Frey is a trained electrician with further training as a telecommunications specialist and worked for many years at MIGROS in the repair service for electrical goods. As a versatile, flexible and reliable hands-on man, he fits perfectly into salidomo© assembly and is responsible for stock management and material ordering. 

T +41 33 552 10 39

Rami Al Khalil


He originally started studying law, but then began his long journey as a Syrian refugee. Finally arriving in Switzerland, he quickly learned the language and managed on his own. He worked where he could, sometimes at two jobs in two shifts. His wish is to do an apprenticeship as an electrician and so he came to innovenergy. Since then, he conscientiously assembles salt battery storage systems, tests them and prepares them for delivery. 

T +41 33 552 10 19

Ali Salama


There are people who have a not-so-nice past that you wouldn't wish on anyone. Ali Salama is one of these people. His escape from Syria, from rather cruel circumstances, with a stopover in a mass camp in Lebanon, is very touching. He is truly grateful to be in Switzerland. Despite insecurity, he voluntarily left social welfare because he wants to contribute to society and not be on anyone's pocket. He does a great job, is eager to learn, hardworking and very committed. With a sparkle in his eyes, he assists in the assembly of the salidomo©.

T +41 33 552 10 19

Bernhard Aeschlimann

Fachmann für Alpwirtschaft

Bernhard Aeschlimann is the advising and practically collaborating partner for all mobile energy projects for alpine farms. Bernhard Aeschlimann is a farmer with his own farm and an alp in the Eriz region. He is a cheesemaker and alpine farmer and knows both the operational processes and the energy aspects of an alpine dairy. He shares with Max Ursin a passion for innovation and energy.

T +41 33 552 10 15

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