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DC power grids are becoming trendy

The topic of DC microgrids is nothing new for innovenergy®. We have been developing feasible and highly efficient grid solutions based on direct current for years. The topic has finally reached the public eye. On Tuesday, 23 April 2024 from 13:00 to 17:30, is organising a small conference followed by an aperitif and networking.

Turning old into new

Ecology and innovation are the intrinsic drives of a doctor from the South Hesse region. That is why the 23-year-old photovoltaic system has now received an extensive upgrade, including a salidomo® 9 salt battery storage system, to become a self-sufficient off-grid system in the event of a power failure.

More than double land use with Agri Photovoltaics

Agri-photovoltaics is not new and has been a topic of interest to farmers and engineers for ten years. But agri-photovoltaics alone does not mean electricity self-sufficiency. Feeding it into the grid entails enormous dependence on the grid operator - on the one hand due to constantly changing feed-in tariffs and on the other hand due to limitations on the grid connection capacity. Only the combination with battery storage to optimise self-consumption and the expansion of one's own direct current grid for highly efficient self-consumption or direct sale to neighbours creates true self-sufficiency and independence.

We lower salidomo® prices

At the beginning of 2023, we were able to put the new production facility in Münsingen into operation. Improved and, above all, more efficient production processes are possible at the new location. At the same time, we were able to negotiate better conditions on the purchasing side. As already announced, we are now passing these advantages on to the market. 

Trade fair innovation at FAKUMA: Solar energy from the battery directly into the machine

The subject of conversion losses must not be underestimated. Depending on the system and components, energy losses of between 20-40 percent can occur. Energy that is lost and costs you money. For the first time, we'll show you at FAKUMA that there's another way. Together with Wittmann, we'll be operating an injection moulding machine directly from a salt battery storage system at the trade fair in hall B1 at stand 1204 – and with direct current and almost no conversion losses.

Office ZEV under DC current

A solar roof with many modules as well as different orientations and everything is brought together on one inverter. This is only possible with AMPTs and a small DC microgrid. Highly efficient due to low conversion losses and optimised for self-consumption with the salimax® salt battery storage system from innovenergy®.

Your path to funding in Germany

The funding jungle in Germany is becoming increasingly opaque. Some subsidies are being dropped, while new ones are being added. In addition, there are regional subsidies. And compared to other European countries, the German funding pots are not in first place. Here we try to give a rough overview of what support is currently available to ordinary citizens in Germany.

The fish stays fresh! Blackout security for the supermarket.

The scenario of a power failure in a supermarket is not a pretty one. If the refrigeration fails, all the goods are ripe for disposal – from fresh vegetables to frozen pizza. For this reason, the SPAR supermarket in Kestenholz decided to protect itself. With a complete roof renovation, a new photovoltaic system and a salt battery storage system, not only will the electricity bill be reduced, but from now on the fish will stay fresh even in the event of a power failure!

Eco-power for party and event equipment

Whether carousel or bouncy castle, candy floss or popcorn machine, wheel of fortune or Mohrenkopf slingshot, all this needs a large storage hall. It is lit with green electricity from the company's own photovoltaic system and a salipro® salt battery storage system from innovenergy®.

A roof that bears fruit

Not only solar cells adorn the roof of Stephan H. from Zug, but also three panels for solar thermal energy and lots of vegetables. From top to bottom, the house is set to green. Because in the cellar there is now a salidomo® 9 for self-consumption even at night and in the early morning.

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