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What preparations are required on site for the installation?

For a salidomo©, an AC connection, the installation of a meter and a communication line for the Internet connection are necessary. For the connection with emergency power, an additional AC supply and return cable is required.

A 5-core AC connection with a minimum diameter of 2.5 mm2 is required. Furthermore, a 3-wire data cable is required for the electricity meter (private meter) already included in the delivery, which must be installed in the main distributor of the house. Also a cable for the Internet connection. These are on-site measures that, depending on local conditions, innovenergy cannot foresee and are therefore not included in the offer.

Is the electric field around the battery shielded or is there electrosmog?

We are permanently surrounded by a wide variety of radiation, including electromagnetic radiation. We should not sit at a computer or even switch on electric lights in our homes. Our dear sun irradiates us with much stronger radiation than we can produce in our households. Radiation is therefore something quite natural. And like everywhere, it is the measure of things that decides between healthy and toxic. So this question is more than justified.

It is clear that batteries store electricity and therefore also emit light radiation. It's logical: a battery is pure power! In boats, batteries are often installed in the spaces under the berths and you sleep well on them. In cars, batteries are often installed under the driver or passenger seats. Here, too, no one has ever jumped out of the car in horror. So it makes sense to shield batteries cleanly, which is what the regulations all over Europe also require of manufacturers.

The innovenergy salt battery storage systems comply with all regulations regarding electromagnetic radiation. In addition, the battery storage systems are usually located in cellars, garages or attics, i.e. not necessarily in the immediate vicinity of people and animals. 

Who can/may connect the salidomo©?

Basically any certified electrician can connect this storage tank to your existing house connection under telephone guidance from or prior instruction by innovenergy. But we recommend that you use a certified salidomo© installer. If you do not have your own installer, you are welcome to choose one in your area on our website under sales partners.

Where must the private meter be connected?

As a rule, the private meter is installed immediately after the meter of the power station in the house distribution. This private meter serves to optimise self-consumption.

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