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Branch-independent salt battery storage solutions for every application need

Multi-family houses

You own one or more large roof surfaces with photovoltaic systems and produce a lot of surplus electricity that you feed back into the grid uneconomically. You have an apartment building and would like to sell your own electricity to your tenants. Or you are a self-consumption community and would like to share with your neighbours. What if you no longer feed your electricity into the grid but store it yourself? You would be much more economical!

Hotel industry

You are the owner of an inn, restaurant or hotel. You have sufficient roof space to be able to run your restaurant business completely or partially self-sufficiently. You want to optimise your electricity costs and offer your guests complete security in every situation. But what if the power should actually fail and not only the wellness area but also the entire neighbourhood disappears in the dark? You would have the better programme and certainly still light!

Agricultural use

You are a farmer with your own farm. Young calves would like it warm, the chicken coop with its natural laying batteries too. A small milking machine always needs electricity in the morning and evening. The seasonal vegetables in the greenhouses also want to be watered regularly. Your mixed farming needs electricity all the time. And what if you also make BIO a priority? Then there is only one alternative to sustainable storage!

Handicraft enterprises

You want to make your craft business more autonomous and gain more independence from the grid operator and its electricity costs. The business is perhaps to be passed on to your children at some point and you want to equip it with innovative technologies now in a future-proof manner. And what if your children decide to pursue a different career? Then you have a modern business that will definitely pay off!

With our energy storage solutions, you can make your company future-proof – regardless of your company size. Whether industry, commerce or agriculture – rely on the cheapest form of energy and lay the foundation for future developments today. Make your energy supply fail-safe and optimise your energy consumption. At the same time, you will reduce costs. We have the optimal solution for your company. See for yourself our innovative products and solutions for energy storage in trade and industry.

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Mobile salt battery storage systems for on the road

innovenergy® offers you reliable mobile salt battery storage systems on wheels.

Alpine farming

The cows on the alp want to be milked. The diesel generator rattles for almost an hour, annoying the surrounding area with its noise and damaging the environment with its fossil CO2 emissions. What if all this could be done quietly and odourlessly? Then you would save a lot of diesel and your cows would finally have peace and quiet on the alp!


You work in places where there is no electricity. The construction trailer needs light and heating. Or the warning signals of a construction site are far away from any power sources. What if all this could be run without fossil fuels like diesel or gas? You would be able to save yourself quite a bit of money.

Market stalls

You are regularly on the road with a market stall. You need cooling, heat or light – and not only at Christmas time. Somewhere in the background the diesel generator is rattling. Instead of the pleasant smell of biscuits, sausages or other tempting scents, the stench of diesel is constantly in the air. What if you could also get electricity quietly and odourlessly? You would be independent of the city socket and have all the sympathy of your customers.


To make it loud, you organise an open-air concert far away from civilisation. The set of the next crime film is somewhere in the pampas. Backstage: Lights and equipment have to be operated via mobile power suppliers. What if, with all this, your carbon footprint could be kept as small as possible? You would leave almost no trace of your appearance in nature.

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Which properties are important to you?
Our salt battery storage systems fulfil them all!

Absolute safety

Cost optimisation!

Ecological sustainability

Innovative value creation

Absolute safety!

Safety is generally a big topic today. We also think that operational, failure and supply security should actually be completely normal. But the grids are becoming increasingly insecure. The probability of failure has never been as high as it is at present. So it makes sense to protect yourself with a storage solution, so that your operations keep running steadily and the supply of your electricity is guaranteed. And there are other dangers to be aware of when operating a stationary battery: Fire and explosion hazards! 

Salt battery storage solutions from innovenergy® are among the safest systems around! They do not burn, they do not explode. They do not need to be cooled or tempered. They do not require any structural measures. With a salt battery in your business, you can use your own stored electricity without worrying.

Cost optimisation!

Production is supposed to buy cheaply, the customer is always looking for the next bargain. We are infected by discount fever. No, we are not talking about a cheap memory for little money from China. We are talking about high quality and long-lasting durability, durable materials and good craftsmanship. And this quality pays off in the long run. Another magic word for cost reduction is self-consumption optimisation. Because especially in the commercial environment, a cost-optimised energy supply is of great importance.

A salt battery solution stores the surpluses produced by the photovoltaic system and makes them available when the sun no longer produces electricity. Instead of buying expensive electricity, the stored electricity from the salt battery can be used. In addition to the security of supply, you have also saved costs. 

Ecological sustainability!

Climate neutrality, resource conservation and fair trade. These values are also becoming increasingly important in the business environment. Not only because you personally also want to contribute to the energy transition or to environmental protection in general, but also because customers and end consumers are paying more and more attention to climate-neutral, environmentally friendly and sustainable purchasing. More and more, companies that do not pay attention to the use of resources or do fair trade are sabotaged by consumers. Ecology is a selling point. And you can use it too with a clean salt battery storage solution. 

innovenergy®'s salt battery storage systems have a clean raw material chain, without harming the environment or exploiting resources. All raw materials are available in sufficient quantities worldwide and are non-toxic for humans and animals. The salt batteries are 100% recycled. The salt battery storage solutions are fully designed for ecology and sustainability. We don't do without!

Innovative value creation!

Made in China! Made in Taiwan! Made in India! On almost every product we find this inscription on the back. This is the pride and joy of the emerging economies. Asia has become the workbench of Europe. And the high-quality "Made in Switzerland"! is often equated and stamped with expensive. Recently, we had to experience very intensively the disadvantages of production in East Asia: from loss of quality to massive delivery problems. It is different with products from the value chains within the European continent: reliable short delivery times with a low carbon footprint. Normally, the terms "innovative" and "proven" contradict each other. But not in the case of the salt battery, a tried and tested technology crowned with forward-looking implementation ideas from innovenergy®. And the development continues, in Switzerland – where else!

innovenergy® promotes value chains within Europe. The salt batteries are 100% manufactured and assembled in Switzerland. Invest in a long-lasting technology of the future that will still serve your grandchildren.  

Salt battery storage systems
for medium sized roofs

for 27 kWh or 36 kWh

  • 27 kWh or 36 kWh (can be extended from 27 kWh to 36 kWh at any time)
  • 3-phase system, 15 kVA inverter power
  • Emergency power and off-grid capable

innovenergy® offers you economical ecological salt-based home storage for your PV system.

Salt battery storage systems
for large roof systems

from 45 kWh to 90 kWh

  • Salt battery storage capacity from 45 to 90 kWh – can be expanded at any time by simple plug-in units in the rack
  • 24 or 30 kVA inverter capacity (400 V) 
  • Emergency power and off-grid capability – existing online UPS systems can be integrated

innovenergy® offers you a safe profitable salt battery storage system for your business.

Large salt battery storage systems
for high performance

from 44 kWh to 2 MWh

  • DC-coupled storage battery including 10 kW bidirectional DC/DC converter (on board)
  • Maintenance-free salt batteries with 22 kWh (620 V) or 41 kWh (350 V) storage capacity – freely combinable and scalable up to 2 MWh
  • Intelligent control for optimising own demand and peak shaving

innovenergy® offers you an economically viable salt-based storage battery system.

Mobile salt battery storage system for on the road

from 9 kWh to 27 kWh

  • 9 kWh, 18 kWh or 27 kWh storage capacity
  • 9 kVA (3 x 3 kVA) or 15 kVA (3 x 5 kVA) inverter power (400 V)
  • Various charging options: from the grid, via solar, wind power or other energy sources

innovenergy® offers you a mobile reliable salt battery storage on wheels.

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