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Storage market rises rapidly


Did you know that 73,000 new battery storage systems were installed in Germany in the first half of 2021? 

That's quite a lot, especially if you look at the figures from the previous year. An analysis by the market and economic research company EUPD Research shows a growth of 59 % compared to 2020. And the trend is still upwards. In the context of the energy transition, such growth also makes sense and is a necessary consequence of rising electricity prices. 

According to pv magazine, 120 new home storage systems came onto the market in 2021 and 74 systems were thoroughly revised, according to the suppliers.

EUPD Research
pv magazine

Internet energy consumption


Did you know that 13 terrawatt hours per year are needed in Germany to operate the networks and data centres for the internet?

Emailing, surfing, streaming - everything consumes energy and thus affects our personal CO2 emissions. One hour of video streaming produces an average of 3,200 g of greenhouse gases. This is equivalent to driving more than 20 kilometres by car. If you surf with fibre optics, you can reduce your CO2 emissions. This is because fibre requires up to 15 times less electricity than surfing with copper lines. To use the internet more cleanly, use green electricity and switch to a sustainable internet provider. Using green search engines and energy-efficient hardware can also reduce your electricity consumption. Avoiding mobile streaming and using music and video via download and WLAN has a positive effect on your personal CO2 emissions. If you want to know more about the topic, you can find the entire report and interesting graphics on Statista (only in German).

Source: Statista

Annual standby costs


Did you know that the standby operation of appliances that are not completely switched off devours at least four billion euros per year in Germany

Appliances that are not being used are often not completely switched off, but remain in so-called standby mode. And that costs electricity! Although this consumption is only minimal, it adds up to a lot. To reduce this additional power consumption, these devices should either be switched off completely (if possible) or connected to a switchable power strip. When the power strip is switched off, the appliances connected to it are also switched off completely. After all, little things make a mess! And minimal power consumption adds up to huge sums that we miss out on, especially in winter, and cost us dearly. So simply unplug the appliance and save additional electricity!

Source: GEO

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