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Large salt battery storage system for commerce and industry

from 44 kWh to 2 MWh

You want to constantly expand and maximise your photovoltaics. You need maximum power for your consumers with different outputs. You want to optimise your own consumption to the maximum. Emergency power and off-grid capability are a matter of course for you. And you want to install a system that can be expanded step by step in the future and that grows with your requirements. What if your high claim were to be exceeded? Then you have discovered our salimax®!

Available as early as January 2023. Plan your self-sufficient future with us now.

innovenergy® offers you an economically viable salt-based storage battery system:

  • DC-coupled storage battery including 10 kW bidirectional DC/DC converter (on board).
  • Maintenance-free salt batteries with 22 kWh or 41 kWh storage capacity
  • Storage capacity scalable up to 2 MWh
  • 22 kWh salt battery freely combineable with 41 kWh salt battery
  • Intelligent control for optimising own demand and peak shaving

The salimax® is a DC-coupled salt battery storage system for large photovoltaic systems and corresponding storage needs. The salimax® can also be installed as an emergency power-capable, off-grid-capable system. This salt battery storage system is equipped with a PV inverter from Trumpf-Hüttinger or, for very large systems, with an Indrivetec (up to 3 MW). The salimax® can be equipped with two battery sizes, which can be scaled and also mixed as desired. Battery storage systems from 44 kWh to 2 MWh can be realised with the salimax®.


New photovoltaic system with AMPT DC/DC convertersfrom 100 kWp


Type of systemexpandable complete system
Requirements Installation sitedry, indoor and outdoor
Fire and personnel protection requirementsusual personnel protection, no fire protection measures necessary
Extension of battery capacityat any time, old + new batteries can be combined

Battery storage

 salimax® 22salimax® 41
Battery typeSalt battery (molten salt)
Chemical descriptionNaNiCl2 (sodium nickel chloride)
Storage capacity22 kWh41 kWh
DC/DC converter power10 kW10 kW
Maximum storage capacity (Container solution)1.4 MWh2 MWh
Nominal storage size at 100 % DoD22.5 kWh41 kWh
Daily usable storage at 85 % DoD19 kWh35 kWh
Maximum C rate (charge/discharge rate)0.25 C / 0.5 C
Battery efficiency (standard cycle)90 %
Expected life at 80 % DoD15 years / > 8500 shallow cycles
Number of batteries per rack4 (88 kWh)3 (123 kWh)
Dimensions storage battery (WxHxD)540 x 390 x 970 mm960 x 550 x 1200 mm
Battery weight255 kg460 kg
DC circuit breakeryes

Bidirectional inverter smaller systems

Grid feed-in and grid draw 
DC/AC inverterbi-directional
ManufacturerTrumpf-Hüttinger (DE)
Rated output power/voltage/frequency25 kVA pro module / 3-phase, 400 VAC / 50 Hz
up to16 modules = 400 kVA
Maximum charge/discharge efficiency97 %
Galvanic isolation (DC from AC)yes

Bidirectional inverter large systems

Grid feed-in and grid draw 
DC/AC inverterbi-directional
ManufacturerIndrivetec AG (CH)
Rated output power/voltage/frequency320 kVA, 500 kVA, 750 kVA, 1 MVA / 3-phase, 400 VAC / 50 Hz
Maximum charge/discharge efficiency97 %
Galvanic isolation (DC from AC)yes

Energy management

Switchover to off-grid operationautomatic switchover with interruption possible
Self-consumption optimisationintegrated and configurable
Visualisation, data analysis, energy statisticsLocal PC access, web platform, mobile app
Battery monitoringRemote monitoring of all batteries in real time


Up to 64 salt batteries (à 22 kWh) or up to 48 salt batteries (à 41 kWh) can be connected in parallel in 16 racks each. Both types of salt batteries can also be combined. An extension is possible at any time, even years later.


100 % of the discarded salt batteries are returned to the raw material cycle. In Switzerland, this recycling is ensured by INOBAT. Different recycling regulations apply in each country and advance disposal fees are charged accordingly. Please ask your sales partners in the respective country.


KFW subsidy in Germany is available with a 10-year current value guarantee.


Provided that the installation and operating conditions are complied with, the salt battery is covered directly by the manufacturer with a time-value guarantee of 10 years. The battery inverters are covered by a 5-year warranty. Everything else is covered by a standard 2-year warranty. The warranty is an device warranty. Travel costs and working hours will be charged separately in the event of replacement or faults, unless you have subscribed to a service contract for the relevant year.

innovenergy® Warranty Conditions


EN 55022 Continuous disturbance voltage | EN 55014 -1 Discontinuous disturbance voltage | EN 55011 Radiated disturbance | EN 61000-4-2 Electrostatic discharge | EN 61000-4-3 Radiated electromagnetic field | EN 61000-4-4 Electrical Fast Transients | EN 61000-4-5 Surge | EN 61000-4-6 Injected currents | GR1089 | FCC Class A | IEC 60529 IP Protection Degree

Advantages of the salt battery

The salt batteries of the innovenergy® storage solutions are made of harmless materials: 32 % common salt, 22 % nickel, 22 % iron, 20 % ceramic.

The recycling of the salt battery has been standardised for 15 years. The metals are melted down and returned to the metal industry. The battery is manufactured 100% in Switzerland according to Swiss environmental and labour standards.

The salt battery is absolutely safe - the rooms do not need any fire protection or fire warning devices as the battery is neither flammable nor can it explode. It can also be operated in very cold and very warm rooms (-20° to +60° C) without ventilation or air conditioning. The outside temperature does not affect the storage capacity or the service life.

The battery survives a total discharge without damage. The salt battery has a service life of at least 15 years (10-year guarantee) and is maintenance-free.

The salt battery is extremely robust and is used by the thousands in the telecommunications industry. In industry, it is considered a cheap and safe electricity storage technology in the long term. With innovenergy®, this technology is now also available for domestic use and for businesses.

You can find more information under Salt Technology.

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