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Registration of your commissioning

In order for us to be able to support you promptly and be available by telephone for any questions, you should register your installation of the salt battery storage system in good time – at least one week in advance. After the installation, we check via the Internet whether the battery heats up properly and runs smoothly. In addition, we will then take care of the registration with Victron for your monitoring. Please only use the following form for your registration. 

For questions or consultations, please contact:
Beat Peter · T +41 33 552 10 17 ·

Your company data

Executing installer

If the installer is contracted externally, please be sure to enter the following company data:

End customer contact details

Storage location

If the address of the storage location is different from the one given above under "End customer contact details", please also enter this address of the storage location here.

System information

What kind of system is to be installed? Please enter the complete order confirmation number of the innovenergy system to be installed. Please fill in this information conscientiously and completely so that we can prepare accordingly. Thank you.

Date of installation

Please note that we can be available for you by phone for a maximum of two hours. It is therefore helpful that you choose the appointment so that everything is ready for installation and we are only needed for any troubleshooting.

By sending this form, you hereby bindingly register your appointment for commissioning. You will receive an email from us confirming that we can be there for you at your desired time.