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Registration of your commissioning

In order for us to be able to support you during commissioning and be available by telephone for any questions, you should register your installation of the salt battery storage system in good time – at least one week in advance. After the installation, we check via the Internet whether the battery heats up properly and runs smoothly. In addition, we will then take care of the registration with Victron for your monitoring. Please only use the following form for your registration. 

For questions or consultations, please contact our support team:
T +41 33 552 10 30 ·

Your data (Client/Orderer)

(please be sure to indicate – see order or invoice – not the quotation, invoice or delivery note number!)

VRM Monitoring

Which email address should be used for your sales partner VRM monitoring access?

Executing installer

Which person installs the salt battery storage system?

Please note that support can only be provided in German or English.

Accompanying first commissioning

Please note that appointments for accompanying commissioning can only be accepted after 10 am. For this, please enter the exact address below in the "Message/Remarks" field.

Commissioning period

Please note that we can be available for you by phone for a maximum of two hours. It is therefore helpful that you choose the appointment so that the installation has been carried out and everything is ready for commissioning, so that we are only needed for the configuration of the storage and any troubleshooting.

Installation procedure & documents

With your order and all subsequent emails, you have been informed by us about our ordering and installation process. It is your task to inform the performing installer about the next steps. In addition, an IBN checklist, a step-by-step guide, is available to enable your installer to carry out the installation independently before commissioning.

All the documents your installer needs at least one week before commissioning can be found at the following link:

By sending this form, you confirm the correctness and completeness of the data. You will then receive a copy of this form by email.

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