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innovenergy® stands for …

… a clean circular economy – from raw material extraction to raw material recovery.
… environmental and climate protection with complete recycling of the salt batteries.
… social commitment within the region of our production sites.
… promotion of the Swiss/European value chain.
... energy transition with ecological and sustainable products.

We run for more sustainability

Everyone is talking about the energy turnaround. Solar energy has been booming for decades. And there is still plenty of potential for solar roofs. The latest trend is storage batteries. For more self-sufficiency and more self-consumption optimization.

But what happens here? Here, too, we need valuable resources of this earth. Here, too, overexploitation is taking place. In addition, storage batteries do not last forever and the next waste problem, in addition to nuclear waste and electronic waste, is pre-programmed.

For this reason, we asked ourselves if there is a better way: more ecological and sustainable! That's how we came up with the salt battery. This was the solution to our vision: clean solar energy, stored in clean salt batteries. And our passion is: A salt battery in every solar household. Only that is a round thing for us. Only then can we speak of sustainable energy supply.

"We all live on ONE planet! We are ONE humanity."
(Michail Sergejewitsch Gorbatschow)

Can we actually still be saved?

Every day, we waste resources as a matter of course. Sometimes we are not aware of this waste, but most of the time we do not want to admit it or are simply too comfortable to handle it differently. Whether it's the vegetables left too long in our own refrigerator (1.3 billion tons of edible food are thrown away worldwide every year¹), the plastic waste that each and every one of us produces every day (3.3 billion tons of plastic consumption in DE²; 86 million tons of plastic in our oceans³) or whether we indirectly devastate the environment in Chile, Argentina or Bolivia⁴⁄⁵. And yet we toy with the idea of installing a lithium-ion battery, so seductively cheaply produced in China, in our basement. No matter where we look, we humans are still thinking short-term, selfishly and recklessly - even in our small way.

Yes, these are harsh words. But our global problems reflect the widespread attitude that it is always the others, the bad guys, who exploit our world. It's not our fault. There's nothing we can do about it. Stop! Yes, we can! We can control this with our own consumer behavior. Just as organic used to be something only for hippies, we now find organic products on the shelves of all supermarkets because of our changed consumer behavior.

A change in thinking is ESSENTIAL. And there are no more excuses. If we want to turn the tide, we have to act now. And we must do it consistently! One or the other thought has already crossed your mind. Perhaps you are still skeptical, don't want to believe it all, would like to suppress it and dismiss it as "exaggerated". Yes, we all like to be comfortable and easy. But sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone. If we don't do it voluntarily, actively and consciously, if we ignore the signs of change, others will decide for us and we will be confronted with the consequences of our omission or our indifferent actions in the near future.

Let's do the right thing. I am sure you are among those people who actively want to change something, who consciously want to be part of the energy transition, who not only have hope, but know that you can do good here and now with your decisions. It's about your children. It's about your grandchildren. It's about all of us. It's about choosing an absolutely clean energy transition.  (Santena von Neufert)

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NOTE: We are not lithium-ion battery opponents - on the contrary - these storage batteries are important for the energy transition. We just think that lithium batteries should be used where their performance is really needed, such as in eMobility. Because the resource lithium as well as other battery ingredients are limited on this planet. And a normal household does not need lithium-ion storage. Here, more inert batteries are perfectly adequate.

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The Story of a New World

Trailer in English
© by fechnerMEDIA GmbH, 2020

If you had the power to create a sustainable world, would you do it? Today is the day you can make that choice!

Inspire millions of people to join together to save the climate and life on our planet. With every cinema ticket you buy, you fund four Soli tickets for people in the Global South: 

And tell others about it too!

We have made our contribution to this fantastic film idea. Do it too!

Power to change – The Energy Rebellion | SWR Doku

Trailer in English
© by fechnerMEDIA GmbH, 2016

The future of the world's energy supply is decentralised, clean and 100 percent possible from renewable sources. This is shown in the documentary film " by Carl-A. Fechner (theatrical release 2016 - TV premiere on ARD April 2020). The film takes viewers on a journey through a country where hundreds of thousands are fighting for the energy revolution.

You can buy the whole film as a CD.

Tomorrow – The world is full of solutions

Trailer in English
© by Pandora Film Verleih, 2016

What if there was a formula to save the world? What if each of us could contribute to it?

When the actress Mélanie Laurent and the French activist Cyril Dion read a study in the magazine "Nature" that predicts the probable collapse of our civilisation in the next 40 years, they do not want to accept this horror scenario. However, it quickly becomes clear to them that the existing approaches are not enough to inspire a broad section of the population and move them to action. So the two set out on their journey. What they find are answers to the most urgent questions of our time. And the certainty that there can be a different story for our future.

The full film is available on YouTube, amazon and Sky. Highly recommended!

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