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Innovations in storage systems

We see ourselves as an innovation driver in alternative storage systems. Always on the lookout for interesting technologies that have little or no impact on our environment, we want to offer products that are suitable for grandchildren. Below you can find out more about the technologies that we use and that we have put through their paces in terms of sustainability. We are happy to explain the scientific correlations in a generally understandable way and also try to dispel one or two prejudices.

For further questions, we have set up a FAQ page where you will find even more answers. Otherwise, our sales partners will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

Small electricity history

Not all electricity is the same. We explain in a nutshell the difference between direct and alternating current. And behind what comes so naturally out of our sockets is an interesting story that seems to be repeating itself today. We are talking about Electricity War 2.0! Others call it "The second grid". And with that, we are already in the middle of the future, the foundations of which are being laid today.

Emergency power & off-grid

Almost no other topic causes so much confusion and disagreement – and even the experts repeatedly use these terms incorrectly. We try to bring clarity to this topic so that in the end we are all talking about the same thing. What does emergency power capability mean and what exactly is off-grid suitability? And what is black start capability all about?

The salt technology

Salt is a cheap and harmless raw material that is available everywhere in the world. So are all the other ingredients of this molten salt battery we have installed. It is a chemical battery with a long service life and really very attractive properties. A recycling system that has been in operation for 15 years rounds off this sustainable battery. Learn more about the chemical and physical interrelationships of this extremely interesting technology.

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