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We would like to shed light on the jungle of ambiguities and questions. We notice time and again that most of those who learned "physics" in school, especially when it came to electricity and power, have not really retained much of it in today's life. Electricity comes out of the socket! That is what has usually stuck with the normal consumer. And now electricity also comes from the solar roof and battery storage. Well, and this is where we discover major misunderstandings in many points. Not all electricity is the same. Not all batteries are the same. Just as apples are not all the same as pears. And there is also the issue of voltage. For some people, this creates tension in their heads. :-)

We try to collect recurring questions and answer them here for everyone, divided into four topics: General, Technical, Installation & Environment and Monitoring & Control. At the end of the page you have the opportunity to ask us YOUR question if you have not found a suitable answer. We will answer it for you in any case. We promise!


Here you will find answers to general questions about the salt battery and our products.


All questions about ecology and sustainability are answered here.

Emergency power/UPS

Many answers on the subject of emergency power, off-grid operation and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be found in this section.


Technical questions about the salt battery, the inverters or the photovoltaic system are answered for you here.


Installation questions and the prerequisites for this should be clarified beforehand.


The many questions about monitoring a salt battery storage system are dealt with here.

There is still one question left unanswered?

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Thank you for your trust and we hope to be of service to you soon with our answer.

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