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Your personal contribution to a clean future

innovenergy - Private Heimspeicher für Einfamilienhaus mit Salzbatterie

Single-family home

When do you need electricity most? Sure, in the morning when you get up and then in the evening when everyone is back in the house. But your photovoltaic system only produces during the day – when you need less electricity. So you feed diligently into the grid. And when you need electricity, you have to buy it again. But what if you could now store your electricity all to yourself, available at any time? You and your house would be independent!

Multi-family house

You own one or more large roof surfaces with photovoltaic systems and produce a lot of surplus electricity that you feed back into the grid uneconomically. You have an apartment building and would like to sell your own electricity to your tenants. Or you are a self-consumption community and would like to share with your neighbours. What if you no longer feed your electricity into the grid but store it yourself? You would be much more economical!

Info-Webinar "Store with salt!"

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Consulting & Sales

You would like personal advice, tailored to your needs for a storage solution.
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The very special storage system –
safe, durable and sustainable!

With a salidomo® storage system, there is far more to gain than energy self-sufficiency, self-consumption optimisation and electricity cost reduction.

The salidomo® helps you …

... to store your energy safely, securely and innovatively.
... to make your contribution to the environment and climate change.
... to invest your money in a long-lasting resource-saving system.
... to use your electricity in a 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
... to give your grandchildren a healthy future.

Which properties are important to you?

Salt battery storage systems fulfil them all!

Absolute safety

Robust longevity

Ecological sustainability

Value creation & quality

Invest smartly

Room to live

Absolute safety!

You have probably heard about the recalls of some smartphones, latops or PowerPacks. These were even banned from air travel. But the devices themselves were not the problem, but their built-in batteries, some of which are considered explosive. You certainly don't want to install such an energy storage device in the basement. Not even secured with building precautions. And these additional costs for a safe conversion are not included in any battery storage system, no matter how inexpensive. These costs are added on top and actually belong in the cost calculation of a storage battery.

Salt batteries are absolutely safe! They do not burn, they do not explode. They do not need to be cooled or tempered. They do not need any structural measures. You can sleep well with a salt battery in your house. 

Robust longevity!

Our products are becoming more and more short-lived, and after just one season, vast quantities of used things disappear again in the rubbish. Everything  has to simply become cheaper and cheaper. Production has to buy cheaply, the customer is always looking for a bargain. We are infected by discount fever. But cheap purchasing/sales with high quality and long-lasting durability simply don't go together. Here we have lost our awareness, the awareness that durability through better quality and sustainability simply means more effort and material.

Salt batteries are extremely robust and have a long life expectancy. You can rely on a salidomo® for at least 15 years! The guarantee is 10 years. But we also know salt batteries that have served their owner well for 20 years.

Ecological sustainability!

You hear it all the time. Everyone seems sustainable and everything is organic. Vegan, the latest boom. Fitness, the coming religion. How sustainable these trends are remains to be seen. Ecology is the science of interactions between living things and the natural environment. Sustainability describes a development that meets the needs of the present without risking that future generations will not be able to meet their needs.

innovenergy®'s salt battery storage systems have a clean raw material chain, without harming the environment or exploiting resources. All raw materials are available in sufficient quantities worldwide and are non-toxic for humans and animals. The salt batteries are 100% recycled.

Value creation & quality!

Made in China! Made in Taiwan! Made in India! On almost every product we find this inscription on the back. This is the pride and joy of the emerging economies. Asia has become the workbench of Europe. And the high-quality "Made in Switzerland"! is often equated and stamped with expensive. Recently, we had to experience very intensively the disadvantages of production in East Asia: from loss of quality to massive delivery problems. New in the programme: "Made by innovenergy® – the original!"

innovenergy® promotes value chains within Europe. The salt batteries are 100% manufactured in Switzerland and assembled into salidomo® – as precise as Swiss clockwork.

Invest smartly!

If we take a look at the daily news, anxiety and perplexity impose themselves. The stock markets are increasingly turning out to be overheated. There are negative interest rates on the accounts. Real estate is completely overpriced. So where to put your savings when they are no longer safe anywhere? Why not invest in your own energy self-sufficiency - usable in the long term, safe and sustainable. And ... before you invest: Just ask your wife how important it is to her that your money is used ecologically and sustainably.

Salt battery storage systems help you to invest your money for yourself as well as your environment, ecologically sensible and clean for the future.

Room to live!

No one hangs or places their energy storage unit in their home, as some glossy brochure photos imagine. And what for! Let's stay realistic: as if there wasn't enough stuff standing around already. Space is something valuable that we all want to use sensibly and pleasantly. And you should use your space for dreaming, for relaxing, for being together. Technology therefore belongs in the basement. If there is any space left there at all.

You can also set up a salidomo® outside (covered and dry) - in a garage, in an attic, in a shed or outside in a carport. Nothing will make this salt store sweat or freeze to death. It can withstand temperatures from -20° to +60° C, believe it or not. Enjoy more freedom of space.

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Salt battery storage system
for normal household use

for 9 kWh or 18 kWh

  • 9 kWh or 18 kWh (can be upgraded from 9 kWh to 18 kWh at any time)
  • 3-phase system, 9 kVA inverter output
  • Emergency power and off-grid capable

innovenergy® offers you ecologically harmless salt-based home storage for your PV system.

Salt battery storage systems
for larger residential roofs

for 27 kWh or 36 kWh

  • 27 kWh or 36 kWh (can be extended from 27 kWh to 36 kWh at any time)
  • 3-phase system, 15 kVA inverter power
  • Emergency power and off-grid capable

innovenergy® offers you economical ecological salt-based home storage for your PV system.

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