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The search for an alternative, environmentally friendly and safe storage option has come to an end here!

More than just a storage

You want to become self-sufficient. You have a photovoltaic system on your roof or generally want to store energy from the grid or other sources. You are looking for an environmentally friendly and safe electricity storage option. You want to consciously invest in sustainability. Then you've come to the right place: innovenergy®'s compact and robust salt battery storage systems enable a future-oriented energy supply.

With its battery storage solutions, innovenergy® offers more than just energy self-sufficiency, self-consumption optimisation or electricity cost reduction. We have made it our mission to be the missing link in the chain of ecologically sustainable energy generation: namely, to store your green electricity just as cleanly as you produce it. We want to create real added value.

Don't you also want to change the world? Make your own personal contribution to it? We have simply already started with our memories. Join us! Become part of our small community of salt battery storage owners with well over 250 installations throughout Switzerland. Well-known companies such as Migros, SBB, SOB or BLS already rely on the reliable salt batteries. Be the next!

Suitable storage for every application

innovenergy - Private Heimspeicher für Einfamilienhaus mit Salzbatterie


Whether it's an apartment building or your own home, you can look forward to more energy self-sufficiency and self-consumption optimisation – and it's completely clean and ecological.

innovenergy - Gewerbespeicher für Mehrfamilienhaus und Gewerbebetrieb mit Salzbatterie


Commercial enterprises need power security – at all times! Emergency power battery storages or cost-efficient off-grid capable systems are therefore mandatory. Whether AC- or DC-coupled, we have the right solution for you.

innovenergy - Industriespeicher für die Industrie mit Salzbatterie


Whether sites, ZEVs, supermarkets or farms, they all have one thing in common: the grid interfaces are often problematic. The solution of an own DC network avoids the high costs of grid expansion.

Current delivery time for all salidomo® only 15 weeks

And what is the potential in your house?

How much photovoltaic potential do my roof surfaces hold? Which resulting salt storage makes sense?
Do you want to know quickly what is possible with your Swiss house? Use our new potential calculator.




salt batteries
in operation

10,92 MWh

storage capacity

6,02 MWh

currently stored

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Lots of installed salt battery storage systems.
Check out what it looks like in your community and others.
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SRF «10 vor 10 – Die Idee»

Salt batteries – Energy storages from common salt

In an SRF feature «10 vor 10 – Die Idee» from 04 February 2022 about the latest developments in the field of salt batteries, the companies Battery Consult and Innovenergy AG are presented. Learn more about what is happening on the market and how a salt battery works. The programme is only available in German. 

SRF «Wirtschaft im Fokus – TREND»

Saving electricity: Things are better with direct current in the grid

In a SRF-Potcast «Wirtschaft im Fokus - TREND» from 08 June 2022, the contribution reports about the advantages of direct current (DC) compared to conventional alternating current (AC). Various voices and views have their say – including Max Ursin, founder of innovenergy®. He shows why small private DC networks like the DConnect® make sense. The programme is only available in German.

You need more storage capacity than usual and want to be on the safe side. Because you have installed a lot of photovoltaics on your commercial roof, apartment building or agricultural land. You need more power for your various consumers, some of which are sensitive. Emergency power supply or islanding capability is very important to you. What if there were an uninterruptible power supply that is not only operational when everything fails, but also optimises your own consumption all the time and thus generally reduces your electricity costs? You would have cost-effective security!

Read more about the new salipro®

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