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The search for an alternative, environmentally friendly and safe storage option has come to an end here!

You want to become self-sufficient. You have a photovoltaic system on your roof or generally want to store energy from the grid or other sources. You are looking for an environmentally friendly and safe electricity storage option. You want to consciously invest in sustainability. Then you've come to the right place: innovenergy's compact and robust salt battery storage systems enable a future-oriented energy supply. The product portfolio ranges from 7 kWh to well into the megawatt range. Under Products you will find an overview of our systems as well as market-specific applications. If what you are looking for is not available, just ask us: Our creative engineers will always find a solution.

You are wondering because you have never heard of salt storage batteries? Under Technologies we explain the principle of our storage methods. By the way, salt storage technology is not new, but has been in proven use in industry for over 20 years. What you can expect from a salt storage system is described in detail on the salidomo© page. Otherwise, you will discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions under FAQ.

239 / 127

installed systems /
with emergency power


salt batteries
in operation

4'536.5 kWh

storage capacity

2'549.7 kVA

inverter power

More than just storage

With its battery storage solutions, innovenergy offers more than just energy self-sufficiency, self-consumption optimisation or electricity cost reduction. We have made it our mission to be the missing link in the chain of ecologically sustainable energy generation: namely, to store your green electricity just as cleanly as you produce it. We want to create real added value.

Don't you also want to change the world? Make your own personal contribution to it? We have simply already started with our memories. Join us! Become part of our small community of salt battery storage owners with well over 150 installations throughout Switzerland. Well-known companies such as Migros, SBB, SOB or BLS already rely on the reliable salt batteries. Be the next!

Salt battery storage system for the home

from 9 kWh to 36 kWh

salidomo© helps you ...
… store your energy safely, securely and innovatively.
... make your contribution to the environment and climate change.
... invest your money in a long-lasting, resource-saving system.
... to use your electricity in a 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
... to give your grandchildren a healthy future.

innovenergy offers you ecologically harmless salt-based home storage for your PV system: Read more about the salidomo©

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