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Salt battery storage trailer for on the road

from 9 kWh to 27 kWh

They work in places where there is no electricity. The cows on the alp want to be milked. The construction trailer needs light and heating. The market stall wants to be supplied with its equipment. The lighting system for the film crew needs power. Wherever you are outside the power grid, the diesel generator has been the only option up to now. But what if there were a quiet, exhaust-free and environmentally friendly solution? You would finally have peace AND electricity!

innovenergy® offers you a mobile reliable salt battery storage on wheels:

  • 9 kVA (3 x 3 kVA) or 15 kVA (3 x 5 kVA) inverter power (400 V)
  • 9 kWh, 18 kWh or 27 kWh storage capacity
  • Depending on trailer size, storage capacity can be expanded at any time
  • Various charging options: from the grid, via solar, wind power or other energy sources
  • plug & store - turnkey solution with monitoring of the power situation via smartphone app

Application examples

Heidi on the Alp

You want to milk your cows regularly on the high alp, cool the milk, look after guests in the remote chalet or operate other equipment. In early summer, the saliGO!® is driven up into the mountains and charged in conjunction with mobile or stationary photovoltaic modules on the alp. For bad weather periods such as rain, fog or snow, an additional generator is required for the stand-alone system to provide continuous power for the daytime storage unit for charging. Heidi will thank you - for the peace and quiet as well as the clean air.

A colourful crowd on the market square

All day long, the diesel generator for your refrigerated counter or other power consumers rattles in the background and pollutes the air around your market stall. You are tired of the constant noise! Your customers also feel inconvenienced, not to mention the local residents. With the cheap night-time electricity, you charge the salt battery storage at home and are ready for a quiet, odour-free working day at the next market in the morning with the saliGO!®

Completely detached at concerts and events

Your long organised party starts somewhere in the off of a pampa. Fully charged with energy, the saliGO!® provides the light show of the wild night or the power for the instruments of the mega-awesome live band. With mobile photovoltaic panels, it is also possible to bring the saliGO!® back to full power on site the following day for the next nightly event.

Flap open, the first: film shoots and photo shootings

Somewhere in nirvana, the hero sits by the campfire, grim-faced, alone, lost in thought. The camera equipment and the spotlights for the close-up of his face are available with a saliGO!® even in electricity-free oases. Nothing disturbs the concentration of the shooting team and no diesel generator rattle disturbs the sound recordings. It saves you costly dubbing - and that too ecologically and without exhaust fumes.

The saliGO!® is a complete salt battery storage system built into a trailer and can be used as an island system wherever no electricity is available. Each storage trailer is tailor-made and is designed and built individually to meet the needs and applications of the customer. The saliGO!® is an off-grid system and works with Victron photovoltaic solar chargers. Different battery inverters with different requirements can be installed. The storage capacity is also variable. The limit is determined by the different sized trailers with their respective maximum permitted total weight.

In stand-alone operation, the saliGO!® needs a photovoltaic system as an energy source and an emergency generator for bad weather phases. The saliGO!® can also be operated AC-coupled in the grid and used as a storage system that optimises its own needs.


Off-grid operationInstalled photovoltaic system and emergency generator
Mains operation400 V mains connection

System characteristics

Type of systemAll-in-one system
AC phases3-phase system (asymmetrical operation)
Requirements installation siteindoor and outdoor (trailer is weatherproof)
Fire and personal protection requirementsusual personal protection, no fire protection measures necessary
Dimensions Varies depending on trailer size
Maximum total weight1'500 kg for a large trailer

Battery storage

Battery typeSalt battery (molten salt or ZEBRA cell)
Chemical nameNaNiCl2 (sodium nickel chloride)
Expected life at 80 % DoD15 years / > 8500 shallow cycles
Nominal storage size (per salt battery)9.4 kWh
Usable storage (per salt battery)approx. 8 kWh
Charging power (per salt battery)≤ 40 A (≤ 2 kW) 
Continuous power discharge (per salt battery)≤ 150 A (6.5 kVA)
Battery limited
Maximum C rate (charge/discharge)0.25 C / 0.5 C
Nominal battery voltage48 V
Battery efficiency (standard cycle)90 %


Nominal power (Victron, adapted to salt battery)3 x 3 kVA or 3 x 5 kVA
Overload capacity (max. 5 sec.) of the max. discharge power18 kVA or 30 kVA
Galvanic isolation (DC from AC)yes
Inverter safety in PV systemsDIN EN 62109 certified
Energy managementVictron ESS adapted to the salt battery by innovenergy®

Further functions

Self-consumption optimisationintegrated and configurable (if grid operation)
Visualisation, data analysis, energy statisticsWeb platform plus app for iOS + Android
Battery monitoringRemote monitoring of each individual battery in real time


100 % of the discarded salt batteries are returned to the raw material cycle. In Switzerland, this recycling is ensured by INOBAT. Different recycling regulations apply in each country and advance disposal fees are charged accordingly. Please ask your sales partners in the respective country.


KFW subsidy in Germany is available with a 10-year current value guarantee.


Provided that the installation and operating conditions are complied with, the salt battery is covered directly by the manufacturer with a time-value guarantee of 10 years. The battery inverters are covered by a 5-year warranty. Everything else is covered by a standard 2-year warranty. The warranty is an device warranty. Travel costs and working hours will be charged separately in the event of replacement or faults, unless you have subscribed to a service contract for the relevant year.

innovenergy® Warranty Conditions

Advantages of the salt battery

The salt batteries of the innovenergy® storage solutions are made of harmless materials: 32 % common salt, 22 % nickel, 22 % iron, 20 % ceramic.

The recycling of the salt battery has been standardised for 15 years. The metals are melted down and returned to the metal industry. The battery is manufactured 100% in Switzerland according to Swiss environmental and labour standards.

The salt battery is absolutely safe - the rooms do not need any fire protection or fire warning devices as the battery is neither flammable nor can it explode. It can also be operated in very cold and very warm rooms (-20° to +60° C) without ventilation or air conditioning. The outside temperature does not affect the storage capacity or the service life.

The battery survives a total discharge without damage. The salt battery has a service life of at least 15 years (10-year guarantee) and is maintenance-free.

The salt battery is extremely robust and is used by the thousands in the telecommunications industry. In industry, it is considered a cheap and safe electricity storage technology in the long term. With innovenergy®, this technology is now also available for domestic use and for businesses.

You can find more information under Salt Technology.

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