New production site in Münsingen

It was getting cramped, far too cramped in the innovenergy® production facilities in Meiringen. The demand for the salidomo® salt battery storage system increased to such an extent that an expansion became unavoidable. innovenergy® ventured the next step and further expanded its production capacities.​​​​​​​

The management decided on a 500 square metre hall in Münsingen, near Bern, to outsource the salidomo® production. The salipro® as well as the salimax® will continue to be manufactured in Meiringen. New in Münsingen is the installation of a flow assembly according to the «one-piece-flow» concept. This structured assembly reduces throughput times, improves quality assurance processes and shortens internal logistics. At the same time, warehousing was reorganised and also relocated to Münsingen.

In December 2022, work began and the empty hall was freshly renovated. Warehouse help, assembly and administrative workstations were set up and everything was equipped with a new IT infrastructure. At the end of January 2023, the electrical installations were completed. In mid-February, production was completely moved from Meiringen to Münsingen and the first salidomo® rolled off the production line. And by mid-March 2023, the production rate was already 50 % higher than in Meiringen. The new leap in dimensions is a complete success.

The prospects are excellent. «We expect to triple the output for the salidomo® by the end of 2023 compared to 2022,» says Peter Ruth, COO and responsible for the Production and Finance Division. «And there is still potential for more. I expect that we can even get six times the volume of 2022 out of this flow assembly.»

Not only will production capacity be increased with the new production facility, but delivery times will also be significantly shortened: innovenergy® is and will remain capable of delivery.