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Salt battery hibernation: More CO2-free electricity in the cold season

Although nature only provides us with a fraction of renewable energies, energy consumption really takes off in the cold season. And with it, CO2 emissions from oil, gas and coal also increase. However, owners of a salt battery storage system with a photovoltaic system can help to reduce winter CO2 emissions.

The Swiss electricity mix: Low CO2 emissions in EU comparison

Swiss CO2 levels are low compared to neighbouring countries. But the Swiss electricity island is still plagued by the energy shortfall in winter. Production from renewable energies is not enough to get by entirely without buying electricity from abroad. And what we buy there is often anything but green electricity.

The production of a microchip devours ...

... 32 litres of water. Consumer goods also contain water - namely water that was used for production. Experts also speak of virtual water. A microchip uses about 32 litres, a complete computer 20,000 litres, a car 400,000 litres of water.

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