Trade fair innovation at FAKUMA:
Solar energy from the battery directly into the machine

17.10. - 21.10.2023 · Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre/DE

The subject of conversion losses must not be underestimated. Depending on the system and components, energy losses of between 20-40 percent can occur. Energy that is lost and costs you money. For the first time, we'll show you at FAKUMA that there's another way. Together with Wittmann, we'll be operating an injection moulding machine directly from a salt battery storage tank at the trade fair in hall B1 at stand 1204 – and with direct current and almost no conversion losses.

During the days of the FAKUMA trade fair from 17.10. to 21.10.2023, Wittmann's EcoPower B8X DC 180/750+ injection moulding machine will be demonstrated being operated exclusively with direct current from a salimax® salt battery storage system from innovenergy®. To compensate for short-term load peaks of the injection moulding machine, a stabiliser consisting of electrochemical capacitors, so-called supercaps, is also used. The salimax® salt battery storage has a capacity of 45 kWh and is sufficient for the 8-hour operation of a trade fair day.

Smooth production

Machines draw power. If there are several of them, some with unequal power requirements at different times and different rhythms, the total current can become very uneven. This can cause electromagnetic interference pulses that can irritate the control systems. Sensitive machines react to this with malfunctions or even standstill. Depending on the machine, such as an injection moulding machine, the plastic is now stuck in the mould and must be laboriously removed until the machine can be started up again. This so-called flickering is an alternating voltage symptom. To avoid these disturbing pulses, expensive current filters have to be installed. Direct current has no such harmonic distortions. Thus, there are also no machine failures and resulting repairs due to current fluctuations.

Smoothing energy peaks

The energy from the solar cells flows via AMPTs into a so-called DC link, a direct current connection cable to which different producers as well as all consumers are connected. This link always has a constant, freely selectable voltage. Energy peaks from the public grid or from consumers that draw strongly are balanced out in a self-regulating manner.

Uninterrupted power flow

A dedicated DC grid is always an island, which means that in the event of a public grid failure, the DConnect® from innovenergy® always continues to function – even the solar system continues to feed power into its own DC grid. It doesn't get any safer than this.

Optimising energy consumption

The salimax® salt battery storage system always provides sufficient electricity – even in the evening hours and overnight, when the solar system no longer produces electricity due to lack of light. This optimises your electricity consumption from the public grid and reduces costs.