salipro® – the big brother is ready for series production!

The first systems have been delivered. And they are running perfectly. Now the salipro® commercial storage tank is going into series production. 

The demand for larger storage tanks became louder and louder. The salidomo® EXT 36 was simply no longer sufficient for many requests. In particular, a higher inverter output was desired. After more than a year of development, these customer requirements resulted in the salipro® 45/90 as a standard product with a delivery time of only 6-8 weeks from order. 

Areas of application

The salipro® is perfectly suited for small to medium-sized commercial and small agricultural enterprises as well as larger apartment buildings.

Performance data

The salipro® is available with 45 or 90 kWh and always with 3 x 10 kVA, i.e. a total of 30 kVA inverter power. It can be used with a photovoltaic system from 50 kWp. For further information, please refer to the technical data sheet. You will find a price list in your sales partner portal.


The salipro® can be upgraded with an additional MPPT charge controller box with up to 34 kWp connected load. A generator box with an output of up to 15 kVA is also available.