Equipped for the energy change: PV + salidomo® + EV

A project by XEEO GmbH

The personal contribution to the energy transition is an inner need for Daniel S. in the Seeland region. The house is built. Ecological, of course. The e-car is ordered. Now all that's left is to generate his own electricity. He spent a long time researching and planning everything himself. In the process, he came across the salidomo® from innovenergy® and was immediately enthusiastic. When his concept was ready, he invited various installers to submit offers. The winner was the expertise of Mr. Micha Berger, currently project manager at XEEO.

Forty modules with a total of 16 kWp adorn the roof from east (10 modules) via south (20 modules) to west (10 modules). Four strings lead down from the roof. One string per ten modules goes via Victron MPPTs directly into the salidomo® salt batteries. The whole house is connected to the AC-out - so it is emergency power and off-grid capable. Another 4 kWp are installed separately on the garden shed without emergency power. The annual production is 22'000 kWh, of which 10'000 kWh are fed into the grid. The entire system is 100 % self-sufficient for nine months of the year and still 70 % self-sufficient in the winter months.

Daniel S. started in July 2022 with a salidomo® EXT with only one battery of 9 kWh: «I wanted to try out the salidomo batteries first and then upgrade further.» Just under a year later, the time had come: with three batteries, it was upgraded. Now the property enjoys the full power and capacity of a salidomo® EXT 36.

The motivation for Daniel S.'s own «power plant» is his enthusiasm for technology, the environmental idea and, last but not least, it makes financial sense for him! The plant pays for itself in 10 years. For the provisions for the renewal of the plant, another 10 years were calculated in.
«That means: I will never have energy costs again. Neither for electricity, heating nor for mobility,» says Daniel S. «The batteries work perfectly. And in winter I will send two batteries into hibernation and further optimise my self-consumption similar to last year.»

Daniel S. is a man of conviction: «The innovative concept from the Bernese Oberland together with the sustainable salt battery 'Made in Switzerland' had quickly convinced me when planning the plant. The operation of the plant, for a good year now, confirms to me daily that it was the right choice.»

XEEO GmbH is a young competent company in the field of energy planning and implementation of solar and storage concepts. The dynamic team of five calls itself «The Energy Knights». They are true solar professionals with passion. Their customers and also innovenergy® can only confirm this.

Micha Berger
Project Manager Photovoltaics