Team expansion in support

Everything is changing, including innovenergy® support. New faces grace this department, which we would like to briefly introduce here.​​​​​​​

At the end of 2022, two employees from support and technology left innovenergy®. With some start-up, we have been able to close these gaps. In the process, we have expanded our capacity, especially in support. Three supporters are now available for our German-speaking customers and one French-speaking employee for our customers in French-speaking Switzerland. All four support staff have been extensively introduced to and trained in battery technology, in the system design of a salidomo® and in inverter technology. This means that the team is now in a position to support our sales partners during commissioning and in the event of any questions or problems that may arise. Independently of the battery manufacturer, the support team can now replace or upgrade batteries and remotely service the battery management system (BMS). 

José Suárez
German & Spanish

Computer science and electronics engineer with a master's degree in energy systems, smart grids and renewable energies, joined the innovenergy® support team in mid-2022.

«I come from a country (Bolivia) where lithium is mined on a large scale, and I am familiar with the consequences of this depletion of nature. With salt technology, innovenergy® is developing precisely the battery applications that I would like to support wholeheartedly.»

Joachim Kary
German & English

State-certified electrical engineer, 25 years of experience in service and field work, 10 years of experience in support in the fields of industrial control and plant engineering.

«The topic of energy storage and ecology has always been close to my heart. At innovenergy®, I enjoy being on duty for our customers.»

Nico Lapp
German & English

Trained service and electrical engineer, 20 experiences on the construction site and in industry in the field of electrical plant construction and electrical control.

«I find the technology of salt batteries a wonderful alternative to conventional batteries. The innovenergy® products convince me every day.»

Colas Mauloubier

Master in Engineering & Science (interface training), trainer in Cameroon for solar economy, installer of island systems in Africa.

«My passion is to establish innovenergy® salt batteries in Africa. Therefore, it is obvious that I support innovenergy® with my language skills in support.»