Commercial storage is becoming more important!

Security of supply is one of the most important issues facing businesses today. One essential question is: How secure are our electricity grids? And the next challenge is: How much more expensive will electricity become in the next few years? Where is the limit when even the litre of fuel has now risen to two euros and more. The search for continuity and calculability occupies many management floors.

Blackouts are becoming more and more frequent!

We remember 08 January 2021: It was close and caused great unrest among transmission system operators across Europe. A substation in Croatia almost caused a blackout in large parts of Eastern Europe due to a drop in frequency [1]. Europe was alarmed. The population woke up. This example made it clear to many how sensitive and vulnerable our power grid really is. A shot in the bow for companies to increasingly back the horse «electricity self-sufficiency through islanding».

Everything is simply getting more expensive!

A more topical issue is called rising energy prices, which affect not only fuel and, in winter, our heating costs, but also our general electricity prices for businesses. A lot of electricity is still generated with gas, which used to be cheap. The circumstances have changed: Gas has become expensive, and so has the price of electricity. According to a survey by the DIHK in Germany, about 16 percent of industrial companies see themselves forced to shut down their production or entire branches because of rising energy costs [2]. Such circumstances make it necessary to focus even more on optimising self-consumption. It is becoming increasingly clear that a photovoltaic system alone is no longer sufficient. The trend towards storage is greater than ever.

We have not seen the highs yet!

In addition, our own photovoltaic electricity is cheaper than the feed-in tariff. This will soon be dynamised, i.e. in winter electricity will become more expensive due to a lack of electricity. The current electricity market spot price (as of 30.11.2022) is 0.63 EUR/kWh in Germany including grid fees, CO2 and fossil levy. And the trend is upwards! Here, too, a storage facility would help protect against volatile market price fluctuations.

Production security for companies and consumers

The idea of decentralised power supply has reached the boardrooms and the population. The need for emergency power and island capability has grown enormously. But the road to electricity self-sufficiency has become rocky in the meantime, because supply bottlenecks in the storage segment are hindering the plans here as well. Production security is faltering. While companies are cutting back, consumers are noticing more and more gaps in goods on the shelves in the shopping halls. The pressure to act is growing.

salipro® – designed for business

innovenergy® reacted in time and launched the new salipro® in August this year. It closes the gap between the home storage systems salidomo® and DConnect®, the decentralised large-scale storage solution for large buildings and industry. The salipro® is a modular storage system that grows with your needs and your photovoltaic system. It can be expanded at any time with additional saline batteries up to 90 kWh. The salipro® is fully emergency power and island-capable. And it is available within a short delivery time – produced in Switzerland with short transport routes.