Ecological safe storage: The salt battery

Storing energy with table salt! Dreams of the future? Far from it. This technology, which has been tried and tested for several decades, has long been available and deliverable! The Swiss company innovenergy® has been supplying households, commercial enterprises and industry with its salt battery storage systems for many years. They are THE experts in this field. The advantages: Salt batteries are ecological, sustainable, safe and extremely durable.

Store with salt!

Ordinary table salt forms the basis of this eco-battery. «Clean renewable energy, stored in clean battery storage» is the credo of the system manufacturer from Meiringen in Switzerland. With heart and soul, innovenergy® has dedicated itself to intensive participation in the energy transition. Their proven salidomo® and salipro® products get to the heart of the ecological zeitgeist in the storage sector. And ... the storage tanks are available for virtually immediate delivery thanks to new production locations!

Clean raw material mining + environmentally friendly

For this sustainable storage recipe, take lots of salt, lots of nickel with a small pinch of aluminium, as well as iron and ceramics. Nothing more! All are ingredients that are available in sufficient quantities worldwide. The table salt comes from the Swiss salt works, the ceramic powder from Germany. All other raw materials are sourced from Europe. The transport routes are short and the CO2 footprint during production is low. This saves valuable resources and the environment.

Complete recycling + long service life

Even after use, the salt battery is a completely clean affair. It is 100% recycled. What used to be a battery could be one of your cooking pots in the future or the building material of your new house. This battery works reliably and maintenance-free for about 15 years. At any time, even many years later, the system can be expanded with a new battery - old and new work side by side without any problems.

Absolute safety + extreme robustness

Reports of burning or exploding battery storage units are increasingly appearing in the media. The salt battery cannot burn and does not explode. It is safe and very robust. It works perfectly even under extreme temperature conditions from -20° C to +60° C. It also withstands deep discharges. It also survives deep discharges without damage. It is undemanding as far as the place of installation is concerned: it should stand in a dry place. The cellar, the garage, the hallway, the shed ... and where else do you have space?

High energy density + high efficiency

The salt battery is a very compact thermal battery with a high energy density, comparable to that of a lithium-ion battery. It achieves a battery efficiency of 90 percent in the standard cycle. This makes the salt battery not only an excellent choice as storage for self-consumption optimisation, but also the ideal emergency power and off-grid system.

The salt battery storage systems from innovenergy® are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For more information, visit the website or register now for the live webinar «Storing with salt».