The new potential calculator – a fertile cooperation project

geoimpact AG with its SEP (Swiss Energy Planning) platform collects all publicly accessible energy and building data such as plot and building floor plans, roof areas, building construction year, renovation data, etc. 

This data is used by energy supply companies to calculate the potential for solar systems, heat pumps, district heating or even energy storage. The SEP platform is ideally suited for solar engineers, energy suppliers or clean tech companies. SEP offers companies a quick and uncomplicated browser-based service product for creating a quick calculation basis for their customers.  

Together with geoimpact, innovenergy® has developed a supplement to this data basis and the already existing solar potential calculator for a useful storage capacity calculation. This is freely accessible on the innovenergy® website and is used by interested parties as well as sales partners to calculate the optimal storage size for every Swiss property.

By simply entering an address, the solar and storage potential is calculated immediately. Take a look at the potential calculator right now and find out what is possible with your building.

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