In the rush of the first innoVParty!

The first innovenergy sales partner day in the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach

On 28.11.2019, the first innoVParty took place in the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach. It was a great pleasure for everyone to feel this young growing sales team live for the first time. Out of 20 invited sales partner companies, 12 were represented. What was planned in advance with 12 people turned out to be an event with 30 participants. 

The day began at 9 a.m. with coffee and croissants. After a bit of getting to know each other, the technical lecture by Max Ursin, the founder of innovenergy, started right away. Everything was explained, from the principle of the salt battery to the real live installation of a salidomo© on a "living" object in the seminar room. An open discussion round was lively used by the sales partners until no more questions remained open. Ivo Graber also provided insight into the monitoring of a salidomo©

Then it continued with an insight into marketing. Santena von Neufert explained the values, the core message and the company essence of innovenergy. Then it went on with the product portfolio, the positioning in the market, the competitors and the objectives. A clear target group for salidomo© was outlined in an understandable way.

The lunch was convivial and people moved closer together, discussed eagerly, exchanged ideas and really interesting conversations arose.

In the afternoon, Mr David Suter presented the start-up and product geoimpact. Here, it was impressively conveyed what a platform with geo-energy data can do to support the identification of new customers or for supplementary information of an ongoing project. innovenergy commissioned geoimpact to calculate the respective sales and installation potential of the individual sales areas. And this was enormous almost everywhere! With an unbelievable special offer for a test membership for half a year, we would like to thank geoimpact for its good cooperation. And we are looking forward to the feedback on this tool. 

The subsequent open exchange of feedback, wishes and suggestions from the sales partners triggered further optimisations at innovenergy and at salidomo© – continuous improvement! This is how Toyota became great.

Last but not least, many enjoyed the delicious aperitif at the end of the event in a relaxed social setting. 

The next innoVParty is planned for spring 2020 – as a start to the summer rally.