Eco-power for party and event equipment

A project of SENERO AG

Whether carousel or bouncy castle, candy floss or popcorn machine, wheel of fortune or Mohrenkopf slingshot, all this needs a large storage hall. It is lit with green electricity from the company's own photovoltaic system and a salipro® salt battery storage system from innovenergy®.

When the smell of mulled wine wafts through the streets of Winterthur in the run-up to Christmas, Mrs. Albl is personally at the pot, serving up the popular concoction for all kinds of occasions and events. Of course, with their own electricity from the 55 kWp photovoltaic system of the Albl Event Service. Maximum self-consumption was the aim of the owner couple when they purchased a salipro® salt battery storage system with 72 kWh storage capacity and a battery inverter output of 30 kVA. And two more salt batteries are on the way – they will be upgraded to 90 kWh in the next few weeks. 

«We didn't want to support environmental degradation and looked for alternative storage options. We wanted a clean electricity storage system and innovenergy® has convinced us to date,» say the Albls.

The entire system was planned and implemented by SENERO AG as a self-sufficient off-grid system. If the power fails, everyday life simply continues – the photovoltaics and the battery system can continue to be fully used in stand-alone operation. In addition to the large warehouse, consumers include a large single-family house with many consumers, a heat pump in the basement and two e-vehicles that are charged via the AC grid.

Self-consumption is around 30-50 kWh within 24 hours, depending on the season and the work in the warehouse workshop. Despite the high self-consumption, two thirds of the production is still fed into the public grid. Of 54'000 kWh electricity production last year and 23'000 kWh own consumption, 31'000 kWh went into the grid. The calculation worked out for the couple: The high electricity costs in winter and the feed-in tariffs in summer roughly balance each other out – the electricity costs tend towards zero.

Nothing is wasted at Albl, everything is recycled. The special thing about this storage system is that the waste heat from the inverters is used to heat the garage. And this winter, some of the batteries will be switched off, i.e. sent into hibernation, because the solar system will only be able to charge part of the battery system in the winter hole. In this way, the salt batteries are protected and their longevity is increased even further. 

The entire system was designed and implemented by SENERO AG in Winterthur. Their core competence is the planning, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems and storage solutions. Furthermore, SENERO specialises in the planning and implementation of self-sufficient power supplies in motor homes, caravans, boats and sailing yachts.

Urs Hari
Managing Director