A roof that bears fruit

A project by Hotz Technik GmbH

Not only solar cells adorn the roof of Stephan H. from Zug, but also three panels for solar thermal energy and lots of vegetables. From top to bottom, the house is set to green. Because in the cellar there is now a salidomo® 9 for self-consumption even at night and in the early morning.

Vegetables on the roof? Yes, in addition to the beautiful garden around the house, the flat roof of the conservatory is the culinary supply station with all kinds of tasty home-grown produce. Next to the solar cells, there are three panels for solar thermal energy, which completely cover the hot water supply of the house.

Mrs. H. has changed her plans and now only goes shopping by eBike instead of by car. With a trailer, of course, so that the family of 5 is fully supplied. It goes without saying that the battery gets its electricity from its own production. Washing machine, dryer, cooker, two refrigerators, freezer, storage battery and the granny flat with the father-in-law are served by the 12 kWp solar cells from the roof.

The self-produced electricity from the solar cells is fed directly into the AC grid of the house via a photovoltaic inverter. So first all the consumers are served and the surplus goes into the battery for the night supply. About one third of the electricity is consumed. Two thirds is fed into the public grid, so Stephan H. has no electricity costs and even earns money with his green electricity. The salt battery storage is enough for about one day of self-consumption.

«When I heard about the salt battery, I knew immediately that I would buy one. It's such a great technology, I just had to support it. I very much want research to continue in this direction,» says Stephan H.

Consideration is already being given to upgrading the salidomo® 9 with an extension battery to a salidomo® 18.

The installation of the storage tank by Pascal Fässler (Elektro Fässler AG, Affoltern) went flawlessly. In addition, a solar manager was integrated for permanent monitoring via smartphone app. The responsible sales partner is Hotz Technik GmbH from Mettmenstetten, a competent team in the field of solar, plumbing and heating that regularly undergoes further training.

Benjamin Hotz
Managing Director

Hotz Technik GmbH