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Which data interfaces does a salidomo© have?

Modbus TCP

Is it possible to operate the salidomo© without a communication connection (Internet)?

No, an internet connection is a must! Without an internet connection, there is no possibility to control the salt storage, no remote maintenance and no software upgrades. Therefore, we cannot provide you with any support. Likewise, Victron's VRM Controlling System cannot be bypassed, but is mandatory. 

With which photovoltaic inverters can the PV data be read out/displayed directly from the VRM monitoring of the battery?

With all photovoltaic inverters that support the sunspec protocol (Modbus TCP). This protocol must be activated on the PV inverter and the port must be set to 502. Further settings are inverter-specific. Old inverters do not have this communication protocol. For these, you can install an additional meter (Carlo Gavazzi ET340) and define it as a PV inverter.

Can the monitoring of a salidomo© be integrated into other monitoring and control systems?

A monitoring system is a system for monitoring a battery and the PV system. Common monitoring systems are e.g. Solarlog, Smart1 or Loxone. The salidomo© monitoring system can read out PV inverters that have the Sunspec protocol and display them in the monitoring system. These PV data are also taken into account in the energy statistics. salidomo© compatible PV inverters include those from Fronius, Solaredge or SMA. If it is not possible to read out the data from a PV inverter, an additional PV meter that measures the PV solar line can be installed. In this way, the data of non-compatible PV inverters can also be displayed in the monitoring of the salidomo©

The control of the salidomo© (Venus GX from Victron) communicates via Modbus TCP. If third-party control and monitoring systems wish to integrate the salidomo©, this can be done via the Modbus TCP communication protocol. The integration work in third-party systems is not carried out or supported by innovenergy, but is done on the user's own initiative. 

Can I control a salidomo© with the Loxone Miniserver?

With the Loxone Miniserver, the data of the salidomo© can be read out, but it cannot be controlled. 

What control options does a salidomo© have for the surplus utilisation of PV electricity?

The control of the salidomo© (Venus GX from Victron) has a potential-free contact. innovenergy can switch this contact from a certain excess power (e.g. 6 kW heating rod for hot water preparation) so that the excess power of the PV system is utilised and less is fed back into the grid. This control is already integrated. Be aware that charging the battery always has priority. If the solar system is "small", it may be that surplus power is only rarely utilised. The salidomo© works together with the external control of MyPV, for example.