Ready for Future

innovenergy AG is growing. The market is setting an incredible pace. We continue to develop and reposition ourselves. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for 2023.

Expansion of the management

Max Ursin is and remains the head of it all. It is his founding heart blood that flows through the veins of innovenergy®. His department is Technology & Development. But the growth may be spread over more shoulders. Peter Ruth is now joining innovenergy® and taking over the Administration & Production department. Rüdiger Junghans is now part of the management team with responsibility for Marketing & Sales. The background to this division is a clear separation of tasks and unambiguous responsibility both internally and externally.

In the same breath, three divisions were opened and the innovenergy® organisation chart was adapted and changed.

The growth continues

If we look at the Swiss market alone, we can see that photovoltaic growth is unbroken and will remain so. The expansion of storage capacities, especially battery storage, is indispensable. innovenergy® is gearing up to make a significant contribution in the niche segment of ecological salt battery storage. That is why we are expanding in all areas.

Since the founding of innovenergy AG in 2016, an internal increase can also be observed. Starting with one employee, there are twelve employees on the payroll in 2022. Tendency increasing! Furthermore, various positions are advertised and some are already under contract for 2023.

Opening of new locations

Skilled workers are rare and not all of them want to move to the Bernese Oberland, to the valley in Meiringen. So we are coming to the skilled workers and opening locations in Zurich and Münsingen near Bern. The motto is: out of the valley, into the city!

In Zurich, the software forge, the support cave and the sales tower will be stationed. In the future, assembly and installation will be carried out under professional management in Münsingen. The development elite and the administration elves remain in Meiringen. Professional ERP and communication systems connect the locations with each other.

The new production site

innovenergy® is bursting at the seams. Although it has just moved from the Zeughaus to Gemeindemattenstrasse in Meiringen in mid-2021, more space already needs to be created. A production hall with 550 square metres has been rented in Münsingen. This is currently being renovated and furnished. This will provide more office space, a large production area and a warehouse. Under the management of Peter Ruth and Markus Zbinden, the salidomo® is to be assembled in Münsingen as early as 1 February.

Partner first!

Last year, we already decided to expand the two-tier distribution via the specialist partner. In 2023, we will also focus more on our sales partners. Even better support, a new training programme and a series of videos that are available on the portal day and night are planned. In order to simplify ordering processes, the new webshop for sales partners will go online in the first quarter.

The new support team

We know that the be-all and end-all is accessible and competent support. The aim is to improve response times and general service. Therefore, we have upgraded this to a fresh team. Parallel to further growth, a fourth support person is being planned. In addition, a new ticket system, compatible with the ERP, will be introduced. Following are the new faces from the support team.

News from the development

The development and testing of salimax® and DConnect® are in full swing. Delivery will be possible from mid-2023. Both are highly interesting products for commercial applications, large buildings and industry. In the pipeline is the development of a salt battery with its own DC/DC converter. The software team has also been expanded with new staff in order to continuously develop our own BMS and EMS.