Photovoltaic system with AMPT technology

The buildings on Gemeindemattenstrasse in Meiringen receive solar power: using discarded PV modules from various manufacturers, the fitters from the innovenergy® workshop have incidentally covered roofs and façades with solar panels. With the additional use of new DC technology, this is thoroughly tested by innovenergy® and shows unbeatable advantages.

Serhii Vasyliev, freshly arrived from Ukraine, set to work fully motivated. It was his first job at innovenergy®. Existing solar panels from various remnants were to be mounted on the roof of the small outbuilding and connected. He installed 20 kWp on the old shed where the innovenergy® warehouse is located. His colleagues actively supported him. But there was still more to install and so the south façade of the main building was tackled.

Flexibility thanks to AMPT V-Match®

The background of these photovoltaic installations was not only to use solar power for self-consumption, but rather to create a test environment for DC applications. Thus, AMPT string optimisers with their V-Match® technology were used to connect the photovoltaic modules. The output voltage of these optimisers corresponds to the DC bus voltage set by the photovoltaic inverter or that of the battery system. In this way, the full available power of the photovoltaic modules can be delivered. It also makes it possible, in a unique way, to automatically adapt PV arrays with AMPT to older or new power supply devices: Inverters can be upgraded subsequently. Likewise, old and new photovoltaic modules can be combined at any time. This creates almost limitless flexibility to expand DC-coupled systems at a later date – e.g. with more power on the roof or more storage capacity in the battery. This in-house innovenergy® installation impressively demonstrates such flexible possibilities.