Energy autarky without restrictions

A project by Gerber Energietechnik AG

25 Swiss francs a year is the electricity bill of Mark and Barbara in a small village near Solothurn. Steadily rising electricity prices no longer interest them. Their detached house with a small hobby workshop is completely self-sufficient. The system can bridge three days in winter or in fog with its various storage tanks. Gerber Energietechnik AG from Gümligen near Bern is responsible for the energy concept and its implementation.

30 kWp facade solar systemWith a 210 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof and 30 kWp façade panels on the west side of the house to take advantage of the evening sun, Mark and Barbara are well equipped to meet their electricity needs. The centrepiece is an impressive 10'000 litre water tank, a so-called Swiss Solartank from Jenni. With 700 kWh of thermal energy, it provides cosy warmth throughout the house.

A Nissan Leaf with a 63 kWh lithium-ion battery is used bidirectionally as further storage. The vehicle's battery is used as the main storage for the building. Furthermore, there is a salidomo© 18 salt battery storage system from innovenergy in the basement. When the vehicle is on the road, the salidomo© takes over its function. If the two storage tanks fall below 17 kWh, the Swiss Solartank switches on. The heat pump suspends its operation until this happens. In this way, the building is heated for up to three days without renewed power supply from the solar tank. If the solar tank gives off heat, the 17 kWh of the salidomo© are sufficient for the domestic power supply for one and a half days with reduced workshop operation. In the event of a mains failure, i.e. an interruption in the power supply, the salidomo© takes over the power supply in the home and for the most important consumers. A well-rounded solution!

This well-coordinated operation is coordinated by a Loxone controller. It takes over the prioritisation of the storage units and the energy regulation – in other words, the entire energy management. Markus Streit from Gerber Energietechnik AG was the conceptionist and integrator of the system.

Markus Streit
Head of Energy Technology

Gerber Energietechnik AG