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Hydrogen storage system for long-term storage

for ecological autonomy of 5 - 10 days (with a daily demand of 20 - 40 kWh)

You have a photovoltaic system on your roof and perhaps a day storage unit in the basement to really use your own energy. But the next winter is bound to come and then it often becomes difficult to generate your own electricity. So you get your electricity from the regional grid again. But what if you could feed all your surpluses into your own long-term storage system instead of into the grid during the summer months? You would have your own electricity even on less favourable sunny days.

innovenergy offers you unlimited, loss-free, long-term hydrogen-based storage for your PV system:

  • Maintenance-free AES electrolysis technology
  • Space-saving hydrogen storage at 30 or 200 bar
  • Low compressor power of the 35 bar high-pressure AES electrolyser
  • Simple touch-screen control panel with integrated remote maintenance
  • Cradle-to-cradle energy storage system

The system in a class of its own

Secure your ecological autonomy – also for emergencies when the grid fails. Remain self-sufficient for five to ten days if the sun does not shine enough and your photovoltaic system produces too little or no energy. With a hybreeze© you can store for an unlimited period of time without any losses

With the maintenance-free AES electrolysis technology and the delay-free photovoltaic-electrolyser coupling, you can make optimal use of solar energy. It is always possible to increase the output with additional fuel cells or the capacity with an implementation of salt battery storage. Hydrogen is stored in an industrial 50-litre standard gas cylinder bundle at 30 bar. A space-saving version at 200 bar is also available. Both H2 storage systems are expandable in case of larger photovoltaic production surpluses.

The system is a cradle-to-cradle energy storage system. In a closed material cycle within the hybreeze©, rainwater is turned into energy and then back into clean water.

You can find more information under Hydrogen Technology.


Possible applicationsmedium-sized single-family house
Installed photovoltaic system10 - 15 kWp
Design estimated daily consumption20 kWh

System characteristics

Weight (without water, without tanks)205 kg
Dimensions without tanks (WxDxH)800 x 800 x 2000 mm
Space consumption (total system)2 - 3 m2
Power supply (alternating current)100 - 240 V
Hydrogen purity99.95 %
Ambient temperature+5 to +40° C
Humidity20 - 95 %


(with AEM electrolysis)hybreeze©
Hydrogen production1000 Nl/h = 1 Nm3/h
Power consumption (total)4.8 kVA
Power consumption (peak)6.0 kVA
Outlet pressure (standard)35 bar
Electricity consumption H2 production5.9 kWh
Water consumption0.8 l
Water specification< 20 µS/cm (at 25° C)

Fuel cell

Rated power0 - 2500 W
Voltage43.2 - 57.6 VDC
Current (at 54 V)0 - 47 A
min. autonomy of a cylinder at max. load3 hrs.
Maximum hydrogen consumption3.90 Nm3
Hydrogen consumption for 1 kWh≤ 0.78 Nm3
Maximum temperature of the electrolyser65° C
Fuel operating pressure0.55 - 0.75 bar
Hydrogen working pressure3 - 8.2 bar
Reaction partnersHydrogen and air
Coolingintegrated air cooling fan

Converter DC/DC

Input voltage (2 options)30 - 80 VDC / 40 - 85 VDC
Input current (maximum)75 A
Output voltage (DC)24 V / 52 V (setpoint)
Output current (rated current)120 A
Efficiency90 %
Rated power3 kVA
Voltage for auxiliary devices (DC)24 V
CommunicationRS-485/CAN bus
Ambient temperature-20 to +60° C
Dimensions (WxDxH)451 x 423 x 86 mm
Weight10 kg

Converter DC/AC

Input voltage 37.2 - 68 V
Output voltage230 VAC
Output frequency± 2 %, 50 Hz or ± 0.1 %, 60 Hz
Continuous output power (at 25° C)3000 VA (2400 VA)
Peak power6000 VA
Maximum efficiency (at 48 V)94 %
Standby consumption (at 48 V)11 VA
Dimensions (WxDxH)485 x 285 x 150 mm
Weight19 kg


Voltage120 or 240 VAC, 1-phase
Motor frequency50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power consumption1 kVA
Operational speed70 cycles/minute
Coolingintegrated air cooling fan
Noise level63 dB
Maximum inlet pressure34 bar
Maximum outlet pressure (adjustable)414 bar 
Automatic start and stopyes

Hydrogen storage

(with standard cylinders at 30 bar)hybreeze©
Storage volume160 Nm3
Maximum energy storage205 kWh
Production time for maximum energy storage160 hrs.

Storage tank

Number of cylinders16
Cylinder materialSteel
Pressure (maximum)200 bar
Total volume800 litres
Safety valve for maximum pressure220 bar
Dimensions storage rack (WxDxH)1000 x 1000 x 2010 mm
Weight bearing rack1400 kg

Design rule

(with normal industrial gas cylinders)hybreeze©
5 - 10 days autonomy at 20 kW daily consumption (24 hrs.)16 cylinders
5 - 10 days autonomy at 40 kW daily consumption (24 hrs.)32 cylinders


The recycling of the hybreeze© works like a normal disposal of electrical appliances via the metal recycling of the official disposal services in the municipalities.


The electrolyser and the fuel cell are guaranteed for 15 years. The prerequisite for this is the conclusion of a service contract for the periodic inspection of the components every two years. All electronic components such as inverters, DC-DC converters, etc. have a five-year warranty.


The products are built according to the current state of the art and in compliance with the requirements of the existing standards, in particular the European standards with CE mark: EN 60335-1, EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN-IEC 61000-6-1, EN-IEC 61000-6-2, EN-IEC 61000-6-3, EN60204-1:2006, EN 60079-10-1 (CEI 31-87):2010, EN ISO 13857: 2008, ISO 22734-1:2008, EN ISO 12100:2010, PED Directive 2014/68/UE, Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/CE.

Extension options

In principle, the storage volume (energy content) can be expanded by duplicating the storage cylinders. This extends the required production time accordingly (more sun, more PV production). To increase the power output, the hybreeze© can be supplemented with a salidomo© 9 salt battery storage system. This would provide a nominal 6 kVA and a peak load of 9 kVA.

You want to know what the whole thing costs now? Then simply start a price enquiry hybreeze© | Hydrogen Storage.