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Salt battery storage system for the home

from 9 kWh to 36 kWh

When do you need electricity  most? Sure, in the morning when you get up and then in the evening when everyone is back in the house. But your photovoltaic system only produces during the day - when you need less electricity. So you feed diligently into the grid. And when you need electricity, you have to buy it again. But what if you could now store your electricity all by yourself, available at any time? You and your house would be independent!

innovenergy offers you ecologically harmless salt-based home storage for your PV system: Read more about the salidomo©

Uninterruptible power supply for industry

from 36 kWh to 162 kWh

They are important, often vital, and they are an expensive business: emergency power supplies. The acquisition costs are high. They also require regular care and maintenance. And when their time is up, they have rarely been used - fortunately! But what if there were an uninterruptible power supply that was not only ready for use when everything fails, but would also contribute to cost reduction all the time? You would have cost-effective security!

innovenergy offers you a safe profitable UPS in combination with a PV system that pays off: Read more about the salitrust©

Salt battery storage system for on the road

from 9 kWh to 27 kWh

They work in places where there is no electricity. The cows on the alp want to be milked. The construction trailer needs light and heating. The market stall wants to be supplied with its equipment. The lighting system for the film crew needs power. Wherever you are outside the power grid, the diesel generator has been the only option up to now. But what if there were a quiet, exhaust-free and environmentally friendly solution? You would finally have peace AND electricity!

innovenergy offers you a mobile reliable salt battery storage on wheels: Read more about the saliGO!© soon.

DC-coupled salt battery storage

for commercial, industrial and neighbourhood applications
from 100 kWh to 1.4 MWh

You are planning to install photovoltaics on several roof surfaces or on a larger structure. You expect to produce a lot of surplus energy. But you don't want to feed the electricity into the grid uneconomically. Perhaps the grid connection capacity is not sufficient and a grid expansion would be necessary. That is why you are thinking of a storage solution. What if you could convert your project to DC much more efficiently and save yourself the grid expansion? You would kill two birds with one stone.

innovenergy offers you economically viable salt-based DC storage batteries: Read more about the salimax©