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Turning old into new

Ecology and innovation are the intrinsic drives of a doctor from the South Hesse region. That is why the 23-year-old photovoltaic system has now received an extensive upgrade, including a salidomo® 9 salt battery storage system, to become a self-sufficient off-grid system in the event of a power failure.

Your path to funding in Germany

The funding jungle in Germany is becoming increasingly opaque. Some subsidies are being dropped, while new ones are being added. In addition, there are regional subsidies. And compared to other European countries, the German funding pots are not in first place. Here we try to give a rough overview of what support is currently available to ordinary citizens in Germany.

The fish stays fresh! Blackout security for the supermarket.

The scenario of a power failure in a supermarket is not a pretty one. If the refrigeration fails, all the goods are ripe for disposal – from fresh vegetables to frozen pizza. For this reason, the SPAR supermarket in Kestenholz decided to protect itself. With a complete roof renovation, a new photovoltaic system and a salt battery storage system, not only will the electricity bill be reduced, but from now on the fish will stay fresh even in the event of a power failure!

Eco-power for party and event equipment

Whether carousel or bouncy castle, candy floss or popcorn machine, wheel of fortune or Mohrenkopf slingshot, all this needs a large storage hall. It is lit with green electricity from the company's own photovoltaic system and a salipro® salt battery storage system from innovenergy®.

A roof that bears fruit

Not only solar cells adorn the roof of Stephan H. from Zug, but also three panels for solar thermal energy and lots of vegetables. From top to bottom, the house is set to green. Because in the cellar there is now a salidomo® 9 for self-consumption even at night and in the early morning.

Ecological safe storage: The salt battery

Storing energy with table salt! Dreams of the future? Far from it. This technology, which has been tried and tested for several decades, has long been available and deliverable! The Swiss company innovenergy® has been supplying households, commercial enterprises and industry with its salt battery storage systems for many years. They are THE experts in this field. The advantages: Salt batteries are ecological, sustainable, safe and extremely durable.

Equipped for the energy change: PV + salidomo + EV

The personal contribution to the energy transition is an inner need for Daniel S. in the Seeland region. The house is built. Ecological, of course. The e-car is ordered. Now all that's left is to generate his own electricity. He spent a long time researching and planning everything himself. In the process, he came across the salidomo® from innovenergy® and was immediately enthusiastic. When his concept was ready, he invited various installers to submit offers. The winner was the expertise of Mr. Micha Berger, currently project manager at XEEO.

The new potential calculator

geoimpact AG with its SEP (Swiss Energy Planning) platform collects all publicly available energy and building data such as plot and building ground plans, roof areas, building construction year, renovation data, etc. The new SEP (Swiss Energy Planning) platform is available in German only. Read more about what is possible with this.

Energy autarky without restrictions

25 Swiss francs a year is the electricity bill of Mark and Barbara in a small village near Solothurn. Steadily rising electricity prices no longer interest them. Their detached house with a small hobby workshop is completely self-sufficient. The system can bridge three days in winter or in fog with its various storage tanks. Gerber Energietechnik AG from Gümligen near Bern is responsible for the energy concept and its implementation.

Storing costs electricity: The issue of conversion losses

Renewable energy systems, such as your photovoltaic system, produce direct current (DC). The storage battery in your basement also needs direct current. But the electricity grid in your house or flat uses alternating current (AC) – even the public grid. And everywhere there are converters or inverters that bring voltages and current to the same level.

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