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We lower salidomo® prices

At the beginning of 2023, we were able to put the new production facility in Münsingen into operation. Improved and, above all, more efficient production processes are possible at the new location. At the same time, we were able to negotiate better conditions on the purchasing side. As already announced, we are now passing these advantages on to the market. 

Trade fair innovation at FAKUMA: Solar energy from the battery directly into the machine

The subject of conversion losses must not be underestimated. Depending on the system and components, energy losses of between 20-40 percent can occur. Energy that is lost and costs you money. For the first time, we'll show you at FAKUMA that there's another way. Together with Wittmann, we'll be operating an injection moulding machine directly from a salt battery storage system at the trade fair in hall B1 at stand 1204 – and with direct current and almost no conversion losses.

Your path to funding in Germany

The funding jungle in Germany is becoming increasingly opaque. Some subsidies are being dropped, while new ones are being added. In addition, there are regional subsidies. And compared to other European countries, the German funding pots are not in first place. Here we try to give a rough overview of what support is currently available to ordinary citizens in Germany.

An invention that changed the course of time

It is no longer possible to imagine life without it. Almost no device works without it. Whether in a cordless screwdriver, to start a vehicle, in a mobile phone, in a torch or as an energy store for solar cells, the battery has become a part of our lives. And it is becoming more and more important at a time when energy consumption is constantly rising and new sources of energy have to be found. But let's look back at the beginnings: who were the heroes of today's progress back then?

AMPT and innovenergy expand their partnership in Europe

80 innovenergy® DConnect® projects for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be equipped with AMPT string optimisers. 

Ready for Future

innovenergy AG is growing. The market is setting an incredible pace. We continue to develop and reposition ourselves. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for 2023.

Photovoltaic system with AMPT technology

The buildings on Gemeindemattenstrasse in Meiringen receive solar power: using discarded PV modules from various manufacturers, the fitters from the innovenergy® workshop have incidentally covered roofs and façades with solar panels. With the additional use of new DC technology, this is thoroughly tested by innovenergy® and shows unbeatable advantages.

In the best of society

innovenergy is now part of it... in the select club of 245 exciting young Swiss companies in the energy sector. The idea of mutual cooperation as well as support from established companies and research find a good platform in the «Swiss Energy Startup Map», which makes what is happening in the market of young companies visible.

The Swiss electricity mix: Low CO2 emissions in EU comparison

Swiss CO2 levels are low compared to neighbouring countries. But the Swiss electricity island is still plagued by the energy shortfall in winter. Production from renewable energies is not enough to get by entirely without buying electricity from abroad. And what we buy there is often anything but green electricity.

Electricity prices are on the rise in Germany

At the turn of the year, electricity prices rise in many places. In almost all German federal states, many of the basic suppliers will be charging more for a kilowatt hour from 1 January.

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