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Difference PV inverter and battery inverter?

First of all, a distinction must be made between PV inverters and battery inverters. All salidomo© are AC-coupled systems, i.e. PV inverters (conversion of DC current from the PV system to AC current into the house grid) and battery inverters (conversion of AC current from the house grid to DC current into the battery) are needed.

Since all consumers in the house require AC (alternating current), charging the battery directly from the PV system only works to a limited extent. After all, the consumers are to be supplied before the battery and only the surplus electricity is to be fed into the battery. Furthermore, the PV current has a different voltage than the battery, which is operated at 48 V. The battery is then charged directly from the PV system. The AC coupling compensates for this DC voltage difference.

Does the salidomo© also work with other battery inverters?

Since the salidomo© is an AC-coupled complete system and battery inverters from Victron are already installed, it works with all PV inverters.

The salidomo© must not be operated with other battery inverters, otherwise the device certification becomes invalid and a special approval becomes legally necessary. This is a matter of liability claims, which the converter must then bear in full. innovenergy as well as the manufacturers of the components no longer provide any warranty guarantees or support in the event of a conversion.

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